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Welcome to SATUNOL

We see that the world is experiencing changes. The weather is not as it was last year. Natural disasters happen more often than usual. It is the time to change, to improve our way of life, how we do things, improve our working environment and how we do perceive our daily habit.

While technology advancement contributes to higher energy usage /capita, technology can also be used to reduce energy usage. We can start by applying simple technology in to our daily life to reduce energy usage, think before we use cars, think before we travel, think about the alternatives.

As human we have responsibility to make the world a better place to live. Satunol with its competency translates this desire into developing systems and products to do just that.

Step into our mind and share your thoughts with us.


  • Kunjungan ke PI Del, Laguboti, Balige
    Sebagai tindak lanjut diskusi sebelumnya,  pada tanggal 20 Mei saya dan Doly Hutapea dan seorang teman alumni bang Freddy Pardede (Elektro ITB 82) berkunjung ke DEL di Laguboti. Kami menginap di guest house dengan pemandangan indah ke danau Toba (tapi disebelah guest house berbatas pagar kita bisa juga lihat kuburan...
  • Who we are?
      Just regular people who used to live nearby the Toba Lake, North Sumatra and dreamt that in this beautiful place, beautiful people with beautiful mind can be raised. It all started from a small discussion that turned into some small steps. One of the small steps are visiting the...


Radio Dalam Raya No.52A
Jakarta 12140, Indonesia
+62 21 723-1051
+62 21 725-8179

News & Media

Jakarta, - Salah satu hal yang banyak dibicarakan dalam Intel Developer Forum 2010 di San Francisco adalah Sandy Bridge.


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