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Communication Technology

Our products has the capability to communicate using various technologies, such as Inmarsat BGAN, Iridium SBD, GPRS 2G/3G. For mission critical application we can also provide communication redundancy, such as Inmarsat BGAN + GPRS, Iridium SBD + GPRS, and for low cost redundancy where GSM coverage available GPRS + GPRS.

Inmarsat BGAN and Iridium Satellite Communication is used mostly in Remote Monitoring of high- value goods and critical mission application such as monitoring of oil pipe line or Natural Disaster Warning System. For home and factory use GPRS or GPRS+GPRS is sufficient.


Radio Dalam Raya No.52A
Jakarta 12140, Indonesia
+62 21 723-1051
+62 21 725-8179

News & Media

SAN FRANCISCO, - Konferensi teknis terbesar Intel Corporation dibuka di San Fransisco, Senin (13/9/2010).


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