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Online Security System

Security can be as complex as you want it to be but for most of us security can also be simple a requirement and simple solution. We provide online security system with basic features that is “just what you need”.

Our online security system can be seen as complement to other system features or as a standalone Basic Security System solution.

Our products provides notifications to user (using mobile phone or e-mail) when suspicious activities happens at remote sites. User can interactively get current photo capture from installed cameras.


Our typical Online Security system consists of:

- Gateway is a device where camera(s) and sensor(s) are connected to. Gateway connects security equipment to network for online monitoring. Threat is detected by sensors and flagged to Gateway. Gateway will instruct the camera to take picture or start recording. This picture or video is stored in Gateway SD card. Notification is sent to user(s) who then view the picture stored in


- Sensors There are several type of sensors that we can provide. PIR (Passive Infra Red), Dual-tech Sensors, Beam Detectors are common sensors type. Each has its advantage and use. For outdoor use Dual-tech sensor is the good choice, since this sensor use both PIR and Microwave technology to detect intruders. Using dual technology as sensing device False Alarm can be reduced to a minimum. Beam Detector is more suitable for fencing security in factory, long range detection and reliability is the main advantage of this sensor.


- Communication Module. Communication channel can use GSM(GPRS), Wired/Wireless, Satellite (Iridium, BGAN Inmarsat) or mix to provide communication redundancy.


- Camera. We use IP Camera and standard CCTV camera. Since the pictures will be send on a relatively low bandwidth both for the taking and viewing, we use optimum resolution to increase communication reliability but still keeping the quality on acceptable level.




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