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Vehicle Monitoring System

AVL is already a common tecnology used in today transportation industry. Our products provides more features by including additional features such as, remotely capture driver’s cabin photo and also current fuel consumption. This enable vehicle owner monitors not only position, speed but also real time view of driver activity and fuel consumption.

M2M is changing the way enterprises & corporate businesses operate, dramatically improving efficiency and significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. M2M services, which are now available across a wide range of market segments, can now serve as a product differentiator, helping to improve customer loyalty and potentially open doors to new revenue-generating opportunities.

Companies who operate vehicles will surely want to know actual fuel consumption of their fleet. This will enable them to make decision to improve operational cost and also to monitor which vehicles needs maintenance.

VMS-10 is state of the art on-line vehicle tracking and fuel consumption monitoring system. The system provides detailed information of vehicle location, status (speed, machine run time etc.) and also current fuel consumption.

VeriFuel™ is supporting software for VMS-10 that process and stores information about all vehicles, machines for the whole operation period. The user may get reports for any time interval:
• Fuel consumption
• List of refuels and tank draining with indication of amount and time.
• Speed and route distance within period of time.
• Monograms of motor vehicle operation and many other features provided by software

Features :

1. Use GSM tecnology (900/1800  MHz, 3G optional module) , ensuring fully coverage in all area
2. Built-In 3G motion sensor for power save mode and motion detection.

Icon Vehicle Tracking & Fuel Consumption Monitoring

1.Super high sensitivity & accuracy locator
2.Monitor fuel efficiency
3.Minimize fuel theft
4.Manage with convenient
5.Monitor & control using mobile handphone



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