We provide the solution as an investment suitable for big corporations who needs closed and secure management of its operations.

About Us


We founded Satunol Mikrosistem in 1995 to transform how organizations sense, monitor, and make decisions. It was based on an observation that something fundamental was changing with the way organizations thought about efficiency, quality, and agility. Internet connected sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) were enabling an operational paradigm where real-time information improved efficiency and decision-making.

We set out to enable sensor-driven decisions and to focus on big challenges. We automate monitoring for food and medication safety and compliance, and we monitor critical equipment and tanks for product quality and preventative maintenance.

We believe that HOW you do anything, means everything. We partner with leading organizations, both big and small, to create innovative solutions to their sensor-based challenges. We spend as much time on program management, security, and system support, as we do on product development and innovation. We are motivated to make a positive impact; on our customers, on our employees, and on our world. We are looking for change agents to help create a future defined by insight, agility, and informed decisions.

Products & Services

Power System Monitoring

Power is the primary factor for a facility equipment to operate. There are 2 type of power system, Main AC Power Line, Main Backup, Secondary DC Power such as Rectifier, Battery backup and UPS.

These power system has their own working characteristic, parameters that needs to be maintained to achieve reliable and efficient operation. Especially for a distributed remote system, such as Telecommunication BTS, Powerhouse etc.

PowerSense can help manage a facility’s power system by reporting real-time information that can reduce power costs and provide early warning of impending problems.

Environment Monitoring

EnviroSense smart sensors can aid in maintaining your environment room temperature and humidity requirements by monitoring ambient room temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions by providing daily records of historical trends and fluctuations as well as immediate alerts when predefined thresholds are met. Our environmental monitoring system can provide accurate data logs of temperature and humidity conditions for use in documentation and audits.

Machine vibration Monitoring

Rotating motors for critical application are expected to run reliably. In the case it needs maintenance, we are able to schedule maintenance without incurring high cost or financial loss. VibraSense is a tool for evaluating vibration severity of rotating machines from 120 to 18,000 RPM based on the ISO standard 10816-3. Monitoring machine vibration with VibraSense enable us to predict maintenance, machine vibration output tells us if there are imbalanced, shaft misaligned, worn components, loose structure and improper drive the motor. Detecting increased vibration early helps reduce machine critical damage and avoid unexpected failures Monitoring vibration reduces downtime and plan maintenance more efficiently

Site Access Management

Corporate always face with the challenges of managing access control and security. Problems such as loss key,unauthorized key duplication, no record of IN/OUT are sample of access problems. SecureSense is the solution to provides trusted access, for the right people at the right times. All transactions using SecureSense are logged to ensure traceability. The solution is secure, scalable and easy to integrate to other IT system for corporate access and security management systems.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

A data center infrastructure management system collects and manages information about a data center’s assets, resource use and operational status. This information is then distributed, integrated, analyzed and applied in ways that help managers meet business and service-oriented goals and optimize the data center’s performance.



Typical Telecom companies need to manage hundreds or thousands of sites every day, implementing a comprehensive sustainability program is no easy task. Technician needs to monitor remote cell towers, shelter temperature, track fuel consumption, generator operating condition, power availability, and site access history while reducing the time and expense of field maintenance visits.

Property & Hospitality

Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, competition in the hospitality sector is heating up and the margins are decreasing! Facility equipment supporting the operation of a property needs to be monitored 24/7 reducing the possibility of break down. Management and property operations will have the same centralized data. Decisions will be faster and easier to execute based on real data from factories.

F&B and Pharmaceutical

Ensure HACCP, GMP compliance by monitoring temperature, humidity, differential presure and other parameters digitally and continuously. When exceptions occurs user is sure that corrective actions is executed and monitored. Monitoring is done remotely, this is very convenient since engineers and management do not need to travel to factories which mostly located at remote places from the offices. Management and factory operations will have the same centralized data. Decisions will be faster and easier to execute based on real data from factories.


Retail industry currently transform from traditional shops to a digital shops. Many traditional operations need to change to operate efficiently and reliably. Connecting key parameters to central application is mandatory for survival.


Manufacturing industry needs to monitor its machinery health and energy consumption When machine breakdown company will experience big loss. With industry 4.0 advances in process automation and smart facility, companies have the distinct advantage of being able to analyze factory process, machines and factories’ environment such as temperature, air quality parameters in real-time.

Data Center

Maintaining remotely passive infrastructure is more than an access challenge for field personnel. The remote locations and harsh conditions combine with the logistics of providing power and fuel to ensure equipment continues to operate as required adds to the difficulty. Using remote monitoring system will help Telecom companies deliver better operation result with the possibility reducing operation expenses.